Friday, August 14, 2009

I'm Cheating...

On my hairdresser that is.

And one of the expat moms told him.

I've been seeing Michel, my Mane Man, since I was La Single Girl in Paris. He's been with me through all of the milestones in life. He massaged my scalp during a big break-up and gave me a new lease on life with a great cut and sexy highlights. He's been with me through the fun stuff like marriage and French Fries.

Yet over the last year, I've felt my love for him weaken. Maybe its's because he doesn't give me fabulous massages anymore while washing my hair. Or because he offers free manicures to some of my expat friends and not moi. Or maybe it's because I'm jealous of him kissing everyone's derrière but mine the minute they walk in the door. I only get a kiss on each cheek.

(Sidebar: The derrière kissing is endless: Claire Chazal (France's equivalent to Katie Couric), the US ambassador's wife, Barbara & Lauren Bush when they pass through town, Saudi princesses, French actresses... Message to Michel: La Mom needs some lovin' too OK?)

So I started an affair with another hairdresser. He's filling my needs in between visits to Michel. My love tank is full again. He gives my locks the love and attention they need while shamelessly flirting with me and making me feel oh-so beautiful. Wouldn't you cheat too under these conditions?

Last week, my friend Jennifer happily informed Michel (then bragged to me about it) that I was cheating on him. Can you believe it? After all, I was the one who introduced her to Michel after she moved here from Dubai and was fed up with flying back to her old hairdresser there every 6 weeks.

(Sidebar: Honestly, I think her "hair appointments" were just an excuse to do some Duty Free shopping back in Dubai where her favorite designers were 30%cheaper than in Paris.)

So when I popped in to see Michel yesterday I told him that my four month absence in his salon was due to a long visit to the US. Michel winked at me and said, "Oh La Mom, you are lye-ing. Zjennifer 'as told me zat you are coiffing your 'air zomewhere else, you petite coquine."

Red face. Watery eyes. I almost cried! He knew I'd cheated and would shave me bald as punishment!

"But eet ees OK, I knew eet and I also knew zat you would come back to me zooner or later chérie."

Eh oui, I guess the French are so used to their spouses and lovers cheating so it's perfectly natural to assume your hair client will too!


Kelli said...

Fun Story! I can totally imagine Michel in my mind! Glad to hear you found hair love again, it makes such a huge difference!

Sarah Alaoui said...

LOVE your posts! : )

StyleSpy said...

Perhaps now a little jealousy will be good for your relationship -- re-ignite the lame, as it were. He may not take you so for granted.

Under the Influence said...

Breaking up is hard to do!

vicki archer said...

It is not cheating La Mom merely research..Have a wonderful weekend, xv.

{Kiki} said...

Great story. I have never cheated on my stylistes. I have always moved away. I had one that I would drive 500 miles to see and did that for about a year, but couldn't do it anymore. I cried for a long time. Luckily, I found a great gal in my new city. Got some highlights and feel 2, maybe 3years younger. I hope Michel starts giving you the celebrity treatment again. Don't tip him as much as you used to and maybe that will light a fire under his derriere.

Lylah Ledner said...

What a hoot! You're hysterical. LOVE it...

If I come to Paris, I'll have to visit your guy!

xoxo lylah
la maison et la jardin

SuZ said...

He he he. :)

Christy said...

I'm impressed that you had the courage to go back to him at all! I'm sure I would have just found another stylist!

One Womans Thoughts said...

Your renditions of your entertaining and so human experiences as an American in Paris are delightful. I have nominated your blog for the Honest Scrap Award. Please stop by to read more.

Anonymous said...

Hi, I live in Dubai since 2 years, it took 4 month to find a French hairdresser here ;) he is the only good hairdresser in town, not worth to come here for this only. Shopping.. blah.. nothing what you have not seen 2 years earlier in Paris. Believe me!


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