Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Let's Celebrate France

It's July 14th - Bastille Day in France. Here are 14 things La Mom loves about France:

1. Croissants
2. Wine
3. Champagne
4. Daddy Sarkozy
5. The Côte d'Azur
6. Big Cheese and my French Fries
7. Paris
8. All those holidays
9. Cheese
10. Cafés
11. Food
12. Post-baby pelvic floor re-education
13. Nationalized health care
14. The French!

Et vous? What do you love about France?


Elisa said...

Well, I have never been to France, but I do have two things:
1. croissants
2. Chanel
3. it's right next to Switzerland so it offers an escape when the Swiss start bugging me.

lb-20 said...

(in no particular order, and excuse the lack of french punctuation)
1. pain au chocolat
2. rue de buci
3. outdoor heaters in cafes
4. scarves
5. the reclining chairs in the jardin du luxembourg
6. poulet roti avec des frites
7. croque monsieurs
8. the gardin at le musee rodin
9. open air marches
10. rose bakery
11. le conquet in bretagne
12. how amazing all bread tastes in paris
13. moeulleux chocolat
14. "inexpensive" prix fixe menus at any cafe
15. place des vosges
16. the sculpture 'room' at the musee d'orsay
17. outdoor picnics with wine
18. chocolat chaud (see a pattern here?)
19. photographing paris
20. haussmannian style

Under the Influence said...


(In college, I did an "informative" speech on Bastille Day.)

La Mom said...

@lb-20: love your list!!

The Antiques Diva™ said...

14 Things I love about france
1) French Antiques
2) Cheese Glorious Cheese
3) Wine
4) French Food
5) Did I mention antiques already? How about antique and flea market shopping!
6) Why not simply shopping in general? France offers the best shopping every day!
7) The Rues and Avenues
8) The Med Sea
9) Provence and fields of lavendar
10) Did I mention antiques already? How about vintage shopping - clothes and household goods!
11) Friends - It's not easy to make friends with a Frenchy, but once you do, it's for life!
12) Architecture - Paris is clearly the most beautiful city in the world. Thank You Baron Haussmann!
13) Hermes
14) Louis Vuitton and a million other luxury goods.

14 just isn't enough #'s to count all the reasons I love France!

Andi said...

I love everything about the French! Sometimes i can do without the drama, but that is part of the flavor!

pamela H said...

Enjoy your day! I have always wanted to be French for oh so many reasons!

Kiki {G.G.} said...

i went to Paris back in summer '94 as a graduation gift. we have family friends who live there and were kind enough to take me in. i loved Paris and i would go back again in a heartbeat. a few things i noticed while visiting: the french women didn't take kindly to me, the men did; i ate nothing but croissants, bread and drank coke (better than it is here) since i couldn't stomach the stuff they would cook for me (raw = vomit); the teens smoked and drank openly in the house; the french love karaoke; they didn't like me speaking my version of french that i learned for 6 years; couldn't afford to shop at the nice places; drove to Burgundy to visit one of the family's homes; then drove to Italy to their other home; met and fell for a frenchman named Arnaud there (broke up when i went to college, he was 22). so happy i found your blog. i will live vicariously through your adventures. have a wonderful day and take care.

KC said...

I love:
-April in Paris (the Cherry Blossom trees!!!)
-the language
-the desserts
-the churches

Michelle said...

I have never been but would love to visit!

N and M's BBQ en route said...

1. Monet
2. La Tour Eiffel
3. The French--especially Sarkozy!
4. The language
5. The food
6. The drink
7. The cheese (must be in a class by itself)
8. The feel of the grass in front of the Eiffel tower when you sit to have a picnic with your beautiful petits enfants
9. Honfleur
10. The Seine
11. Beaulieu sur Mer
12. Shopping, shopping, shopping
13. Musee d'Orsay
14. Guignol!!!

Anonymous said...

Mainly Paris...

Pain au Chocolat
Palais M
Le Cab[aret]
VIP room
Galeries Lafayette
Place de la Madeleine
Jardin des Tuileries
St. Michele
Rue de Lappe
Le Grand Palais
Bob Sinclair
David Guetta
the Amazing Inexpensive Wine

Belle de Ville said...

1. the Countryside
2. the French Alps
3. the appreciation for l'arts de vivre
4. the oysters fresh from the sea
5. the foie gras
3. the men

Frances said...

Lovin' your blog, came across it via Twitter! I'm in rural France so my top 14 will differ slightly, although they do include the French and wine!

Marianne said...

Things I love about France:
1. public health care system that works for me
2. lots of walking and public transport
3. Promod clothing store
4. warm profiteroles with chantilly
5. fresh warm baguettes
6. mayo on fries
7. barbeques all summer long
8. the shows 'un dîner presque parfait' and 'l'amour est dans la pré'
9. lowcost airlines around Europe
10. la fête de la musique
11. the fact that it is home now
12. the fact that my son was born here


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