Tuesday, July 28, 2009

La Mom does L'Amérique

La Mom is heading back to the homeland for summer break. I’m going to enjoy some real sunshine (au revoir, Gray Paree!), catch up with family and friends, and give the French Fries a crash course in American culture. I always seem to slip back into old familiar ways pretty quickly – until I do something Frenchy like eat pizza with a knife and fork.

Keep checking in over the next few weeks for new posts and La Mom Classics!

You know you’re back in the States when…

…No one makes fun of your accent.

…McDonald’s doesn’t serve San Pellegrino or Strawberry Crumble Sundaes with a touch of mint.

…Big Cheese asks why people wear pajamas (translation: track suits) to the mall.

…there are 3000 different kinds of cereal at the grocery store.

…cheese looks like bars of soap.

…people look at you weirdly when you ask for a glass of wine in a “family restaurant”.

…everyone is so gosh-darn friendly!

…flip-flops are appropriate footwear for an evening out.

…EVERYTHING (and I mean everything) is super-sized.

…Iced tea is neither carbonated nor comes in cans.

…the guy at the passport checkpoint says “welcome home”.

Which Parc Monceau mommy is a long lost relative of one of France's most famous queens? Check back Friday to find out!


Anne said...

And everything seems so amazingly inexpensive!

Mary said...

welcome home !!

Under the Influence said...

Welcome home! Enjoy.

A Gift Wrapped Life said...

Have a wonderful trip "home" and enjoyed the supersize fries while you can unless you brought your French discipline with you of course!

vicki archer said...

Have a great taste of 'home' over the summer...xv

Julia@SometimesLucid said...

Ooh! Where are you going in the states?

Simply Mel said...

Oh yes...the supersized states! I'm not sure which item on your list made me laugh more or keep saying, "oh yes, definitely, exactly!"

Happy travels and 'welcome home'!

ModernMom said...

Have a great trip home!

And wait...there aren't 300 kinds of cereal in France!!

a H.I.T. said...

Friendly Americans? I want to know where you are!

DolceDreams said...

Enjoy the small luxuries and favorite treats!

Kelli said...

I wish you a wonderful holiday in the US. Reposez-vous bien en famille!
I agree, everything is supersized and that's why we have so many health problems. Ok, I won't rant and rave on that here though.

Anonymous said...

I think you forgot the most important thing of all...clean sidewalks!

Anonymous said...

Welcome home!! We are glad to have you back :)

Michelle said...

After just a week in Paris we missed all the snacks you can buy in the metro stations. NYC subways would be so much nicer with a bottle of orangina!
I love being told "welcome home" makes me all misty eyed :)
Enjoy your trip

Anonymous said...

"I think you forgot the most important thing of all...clean sidewalks!"

You don't live in NYC!

SuZ said...

Ahhh, home sweet home!!! :)

Laura said...

... and you can go shopping any time of day or night, any day of the week! Have fun, Laura in Germany

Anonymous said...

You know you are in America when you drink your coffee in the car (after picking it up at the drive-thru window).
You know you are in America when there are flags flying all over (most are American, but Eurpoeans also fly their flags in America!)

You know you are in American when the definition of bilingual is English Spanish! As for the guy from immigration saying 'welcome home' - hope you aren't landing in Dallas. When they saw our group of frenchies not speaking English, he said "Benvenido"!!?!


Anonymous said...

Many thanks.


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