Friday, July 10, 2009

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(La Mom News Wire) Paris, France - The End of a Major French Fashion Faux Pas

L'Equipe Magazine, France's leading sports news magazine over the weekend announced the demise of a major French fashion accessory. One that has cradled French boys & men since World War II. Please get ready to pay your respects to something every French man has (unfortunately) worn at least once in his life...

La Banana Hammock

"On a man, the banana hammock shows too much. Too much thigh and inner-leg. It's too small to have a truly esthetic function and therefore has no technical role. It molds the package. It's boldly rude and disrespectful," writes Marc Beaugé of L'Equipe Magazine.

The banana hammock is being replaced by boxers, shorts, and bermudas. Even Olympic swimmers are replacing their speedos with hi-tech swim suits. Can't blame them, non?

"France's beaches will be beautiful again. Women will no longer be visually held hostage to la banana hammock," said La Mom. "We've seen enough 'meat and two veg' to last a lifetime. My only question is what took so long?" She continues, "This is one French fashion accessory that should have died 40 years ago. In some bi-cultural marriages, the French husband's wearing of a banana hammock can be grounds for divorce."

La Mom will be reporting from the beaches of France later this summer. Is the demise of la banana hammock fact or fiction? Stay tuned to La Mom's blog for updates and pictures, bien sûr!

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SOURCE: L'Equipe Magazine: and La Mom


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StyleSpy said...

I hope it may be true. I'm still traumatized from an episode that occurred when I was 12 years old and looked up to see my orthodontist wearing a banana hammock at the racquet club swimming pool. That was waaaay more information than a pre-pubescent girl needed.

(BTW, Australians call them "budgie-smugglers," which I find achingly funny.)

Elisa said...

High time it went away, I say.

Now if Italy could follow suit, my summers would be happier.

Lylah Ledner said...

this is an absolute hoot....I'm so thankful...hopefully it's true....cause last summer while in Basque country...San Sebastian and sure can ruin the scenery...:-)

Under the Influence said...

Banana hammocks should be banned internationally! There was a kid at my pool the other day wearing one. Granted, my neighborhood is very multi-cultural, but it was still unnecessary!

Suzanne said...

La Mom, I laughed so hard at this...the only term in French I ever heard for the lovely "slip" was a "moule-bite". I've truly enjoyed your blog.

FrenchTeacher in CA.
StyleSpy - you made me laugh too!

Monkey Girl said...

God, I must be out of it, I've never heard the term, 'banana hammock'.

My husband used to swim and play water polo in college...and all I have to say is...

There was a reason why the bleachers were crowded at 8am on a Saturday morning for tournaments. Ooh la la.

Paris Atelier said...

Hi La Mom! Congrats on your new gig! I can't wait to read more of your fabulous wit :) I so wish I was there to hunt for Obama, how fun!

Dumbwit Tellher ♥ said...

Banana Hammock; meat & two veg. I am on the floor laughing. Mental pic was the character Borat wearing his one piece version. eyes.

Can't wait for follow-up pic's La Mom.
Happy Bastille Day next week ~

carrieitly said...

Elisa, I was going to make the same plea! Can someone please tell the Italians?

a H.I.T. said...

It's about time the French began wearing Vilebrequin.


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