Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Ready, Set, SOLDES!

Ladies and gentlemen, get your running shoes out and your boxing gloves on.

C’est les soldes!

Today marks the beginning of the fabled twice-annual deep-discount French sales.

Fabled, you might ask? Let’s just say that even Cendrillion can find a dress or two to go with those glass stilettos as prices fall to rock-bottom over the 5-week sales period.

And why the boxing gloves? If it’s anything like last year’s Zadig and Voltaire’s markdowns, you’ll need ‘em. Normally prim and proper 16th arondissement demoiselles morphed into banshees as they duked it out over cashmere sweaters – even resorted to slugging each other with their Hermès Birkin bags to get at the last ELVIS-logo pullover.

Trust me, those sapphire-and-diamond rings can do some damage. Better come with a game plan.

Here are La Mom’s tips for making the most of the summer soldes:

1) Plan your attack.

Get in touch with your inner Napoléon and map out your strategy. This is war, baby, so get used to it. La Mom’s personal picks this year are:

Comptoir de Cotonniers for their juicy prints and structured linen dresses

Les Petites for their basics in a vivid palette (check out the ink blue)

Anne Fontaine
– because you always need a crisp white shirt

2) If you love it, buy it.

Don’t bother looking around at another store to see if they have a better price or wait until it’s marked down even further. If you find something you like in your size, snap it up immédiatement! Stores have problems keeping sizes in stock at the best of times, and it’s even worse during the sales.

3) Think like a Frenchwoman.

never buy because the price is right. It’s because they’ve found the perfect pair of shoes for their cocktail dress, or that gold clutch they’ve been hunting for two seasons straight. They only buy what they need – and what makes them look great, bien sûr!

4) Break out your new vocabulary.

It’s inevitable – if you get a great deal, someone’s bound to be jealous. Just make sure you have the Français to make the loser pardon their French.

Here’s what happened to La Mom at the winter soldes:

Parisienne No° Une: She’s trying on the last size 38!

Parisienne No° Deux: Salope.

La Mom:
Oui, la belle salope who just got the last Yves Saint Laurent LBD at 80% off!


Simply Mel said...

Let the shopping games begin! Good luck and happy 'treasure' hunting! Oh what fun....

vicki archer said...

Vivre les soldes et bonne chance LA Mom, xv.

Cancemini4 said...

I've been to Paris three times and never managed to have a trip fall during les soldes, argh! Maybe next year mes amis...

SuZ said...

I can picture the madness now! I'd never survive. I'd be the one hiding under a table shivering! :)

Under the Influence said...

Hopefully we will get to see some of these events on You Tube. :)

Alix said...

As much as I love Comptoir des Cotonniers, I can't do les soldes, too much passionate people in too small spaces!
Have fun!

Mike Drips said...

I'm going to presume that last paragraph was about a European size 38, because a U.S. size 38 would involve being carted around in a horse trailer.

(Glad to see you're putting more pictures in your blog.)

Kelli said...

Bon Shopping!!
J'arrive le 10 et je suis sur de faire mes course immediatement. Je sais que je manque les premiers semaines mais... oh well, je serai la quand meme!
A bientot

Anonymous said...

Bon Chance LA Mom!

Margarita said...

Good luck with the shopping trip!!

Evolving Mommy Catherine said...

I love a good sale although I am not willing to duke it out for a sweet bargain.

a H.I.T. said...

I do not have the galls to handle those sales. Oh but I wish I did...

Pamela H said...

I am missing the soldes, as I get to Paris August 5th. I have to time my trips better.


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