Thursday, June 18, 2009

International Pickup Lines

I love summer in Paris, especially when I can spend an afternoon at a sidewalk café sipping Perrier with a twist of lemon, reading Le Monde, and people watching.

What I love even more is when a handsome Frenchman flirts with moi.

As I was on the receiving end of the best pickup line I've ever heard today, it made me think about the "best of" international pickup lines I've received while living in Paris. Allow me to share them with you:

The sweetest (from Marco the Italian):
Your eyes glitter like the Eiffel Tower.

The most confusing (from Reinhard the German):
You look warm like central heating. (Did he mean I was a hottie?)

The nastiest (from an American tourist):
I bet you got some nice pussy cat going on down there!

A bit obnoxious (from Javier the Spaniard):
Would you like to learn a foreign tongue? I can teach you with mine.

Even more obnoxious (from Big Cheese years ago):
So you are a little bit French? Would you like to have some more French in you?

And the best pickup line goes to....a Frenchman of course. How much more French can you get than what the fish vendor at my local farmer's market whispered as I walked by:

You bring the bread, I'll bring the wine, we'll have a picnic together?

So what are the best pickup lines you've ever heard or said?


Cynthia said...

Oh my, you've been pretty lucky, most Frenchmen have been pretty rude to me.

a H.I.T. said...

From an American teenage boy - your eyes twinkle like the stars. Didn't work, but we became fast friends :)

Under the Influence said...

Leave it to the American to be the trashiest!

And that German guy, what's up with him? Central heating?

ModernMom said...

LOL Central heating.
Sorry..just can't top that one!

parlez-vous-kiwi said...

Hahahah the place I had the most problems with sleazy pick up lines was in Italy. I think because of my blonde hair and blue eyes, my features were a more of a rarity as Italians generally have quite dark features. I had an Italian policeman propose to me and say he would teach me Italian in two nights... in bed. Ewww. And that my eyes were "like the sea". Ugh.

My partner is a Frenchie and he often says things that are meant to be sweet but get lost in translation in English. So maybe sometimes its a matter of that? ... or maybe just plain sleazy :-)

Cancemini4 said...

French guy in Parc Monceau: "Can I walk with you?"

Me with my standard Get Lost line: "I'm sorry, I don't understand."

Frenchie: "You're very good-looking, do you understand that?"

Straightforward, to say the least.

Stesha said...

"Since you're already pregnant let's practice for the next time."
-My husband

Hugs and Mocha,

Paris Atelier said...

Hahaha! Big Cheeses' line worked ;) It was the accent wasn't it!?! My favorite line: Crazy guy at the club tries to look at tag on my top, then says "oh, sorry I was just checking to see if it said made in heaven" Oh Lord! Insert eye rolling here!

Who knew the fish vendor being so suave! Great post as always LA Mom!

sinnlighet said...

Yes yes yes.....I enjoy your blogg!!!

Agneta from Sweden

Katie said...

I love the Frenchmen's pick up line- the rest all had me cracking up.

Anonymous said...

Bonjour, La Mom! I've had a number of interesting ones here in Paris which I've blogged about as well. The sexiest came from a Parisian Arab and the worst from a full-on (bizarre) Frenchman.

Kristin said...

From a punk-ass frat boy (years ago): you're as pretty as a bowl of cherries on a Sunday afternoon. Me: Huh?

vicki archer said...

Love these La Mom...I am still waiting for the best pick up line! Happy weekend, xv.

Anonymous said...

Your blog is amusing, thanks for writing it. (Sorry for my not perfect english)

If someone would say such vulgar lines like that to me, I would not be flattered, but very offended. I live in Paris too (7ème), I have never got any vulgar pickup lines. Maybe because I dress quite conservatively... I'm also not american, and I guess that makes a difference too, if you have an american accent in Paris I guess some men assume you are a "just a tourist", and then they feel more free to be coquin?

Anonymous said...

From a young Frenchman. "I know how to do it."

Millie said...

I love the bread/wine/picnic one - so sweet!

Out on a blind date when I lived in the NY and my date turned to me and said

"You mentioned that you like cooking. How about we go back to my place and do the cooking?" whilst grinning and raisinf his eyebrows.

Turned me off the idea of cooking!


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