Thursday, April 2, 2009

Coochie Coochie Coo

You know you live in France when your child embarasses you in two languages.

Today I took Small Fry to our 19th century apothecary-styled pharmacy around the corner from our apartment. She woke up from her nap with a fire-engine red front and bottom. She needed diaper rash cream fast.

As we walked into the pharmacy, she shouted, "Moi have coochie boo boo, Monsieur!"

Pharmacist: Ah bon? Tu as un bo-bo? Ma pauvre. (Oh really? You have a boo boo? Poor thing.)

Small Fry: Oui, moi have coochie boo boo!

Pharmacist: C'est quoi une coochie? (What's a coochie?)

Small Fry: Coochie boo boo!

(Oh man, Small Fry must have picked up on it when I said "Oh, look at your poor little coochie!" without thinking! Gotta wash my mouth out with Mustela.)

La Mom: It must be 2-year-old talk. I have no idea what she's trying to say (as I struggle to keep a straight face.)

Pharmacist: Where is your boo boo?

Small Fry: Là, il est là! (Here it is! Here!) - she screamed as she pointed emphatically to her crotch.

Thank goodness there were no other English speakers in the pharmacy. They would have sent me straight to the naughty corner for accidentally teaching Small Fry her new vocabulary word.

Of course, none of this would have ever happened if I had potty-trained her at 18 months like my mother-in-law Madame Fromage suggested.

Tant pis! (No pun intended...)


Scandalous Housewife said...

Scandalous Housewife is outraged and appalled at such language! Sorry, just trying to repair my rep after such a damaging video was published about me without my knowledge today...

SuZ said...


Ha ha ha.

He He...

I can't stop laughing at this. I would die of embarassment and then die from laughing is this happened to me!!


Paris Atelier said...

Ahahah! This is funny :) They repeat everything and have no filters! LOL! I hope small fry feel better soon!


kate said...

How cute is that! Ha ha! Yes, I've got a 2 yr old as well and they do repeat everything!
Hope her boo boo is better soon.

Julia@SometimesLucid said...

At least you didn't teach her "Vagina boo boo!"

Under the Influence said...

Maybe I should teach my kids French so when we are out in public no one around us knows what they are saying!

I hope she's better soon.

Kelli said...

Cute story! Embarassing but cute! Would have been a hit on YouTube if caught on video! I hope Small Fry feels better real soon.

Michelle said...


Anonymous said...

I remember embarrassing my mum when I was two. Ah, great times.

I lie, I don't remember being two years old at all. A warning La Mom, we get worse as we get older.

Hope Small Fry gets better soon!

Mommy In Pink said...

Okay..I am seriously sitting here laughing my Ass off...that is so something I would have said and and regretted later..HA! Good one!

Kasey said...

How cute!

My youngest would always yell "I need to go to the bathroom" everytime I took him out into public.

This was before he was actually potty trained and he just wanted to visit the bathroom:)

Suburbia Steph said...

I guess if she had said Va-jay-jay, you'd know she's been watching Oprah.

I hope the coochie problem is better now! Yeouch!

Lara Nicholls South Africa said...

I too am fighting Nappy rash from hell!! My four year old keeps saying that her sister has a "red la la!" as she clip-clops round in tarty "kid" heels and tiara. Oh lord I dread taking her out in public.

DolceDreams said...

Ahhhh, you have such a great command of both languages, and you give great humour!
merci merci...buona pasqua

ModernMom said...

Ha HA I actually laughed out loud. I simply must become your newest follower!


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