Monday, March 30, 2009

Profile du Jour - The Jet Set Dog

How do you know when a French dog has a better life than you do?

When he travels with his dogsitter first class via the TGV train to Saint Tropez?
Twice a month.

Just to spend the weekend at his master's beachhouse clearing his lungs of dirty Parisian air and exercising his legs at the beach.

Oh, and he's chauffeured around St. Trop' in the Range Rover to get his doggy mani, pedi, coif, and blowout.

Normally I'm not a jealous person, but lately I've been finding myself très jalouse of Tache (translation: Spot), my neighbor's dog. Not only does Tache get more manicures and TGV frequent train miles than I do, I've realized that he lives a better life than most people in the 16th arrondissement. That's a hard thing to do, actually.

Profile du Jour: The Jet Set Dog

Natural habitat: During the week - Neuilly and Paris 7th, 8th, 16th, & 17th arrondissements. Weekends - Relaxing with his family at the vacation home in Deauville or with the dogsitter in Saint Tropez.

Hangout: Running with the dogsitter in the Bois de Boulogne while his master plays tennis at the Racing Club de Paris. Has also been seen exiting the posh beauty salon Carita after having his toenails buffed to a jet set shine.

Uniform: Louis Vuitton monogrammed dog leash with matching monogrammed leg warmers in the winter. Smaller Jet Set Dogs are seen being toted around in LV monogrammed leather doggy bags.

How to spot the Jet Set Dog: He has a better wardrobe than you do (see above) and he gets better service, too!

Where else but in France (and specifically the restaurant L'Avenue), would dogs be more welcome than the expat moms who meet there with Bugaboo strollers in tow and big, bright American smiles? Jet Set dogs get the royal treatment. Crying babies and their moms get dogged (no pun intended).

Profession: Shopping Sherpa. The Jet Set Dog is obliged by his master's wife to go shopping with her at the designer boutiques on the Rue du Faubourg Saint Honoré. Three times a week.

Vacations: Hunting with his master at various castles around Europe. While there, his master briefs him on the differences between hunters:

Zee French: They have no idea know how to hunt.
The English: They approach hunting as a fine art and are always trying to refine it.
Les Italians: Someone always ends up shot and bloody!
Los Spaniards: Someone always ends up lost and separated from the group.

Doggy names: Gaspard, Napolean, Marlé, Balzac, Chou Chou.

Woof woof - it's a dog's life. registered & protected


A Gift Wrapped Life said...'s official, you are the most entertaining blogger out there, and educational too of course. But while I finish chuckling...hasn't anyone asked you to put this in a book yet?
They should! Or you should....whatever is faster.

La Mom said...

@ A Gift Wrapped Life-

It's are cool!
Thanks for the comment!

No book offers and haven't entertained the thought either. I'm having so much fun blogging about my true Parisian life - that's enough for me. But hey, do you know any publishers?

Monica said...

Lucky dog! You're right, it really is a dog's life.

Anonymous said...

Better a dog than a cat; cat's are waay selfish. And they crap in your garden.

I agree with gift wrapped life, you are one entertaining person.

Thinking about it, I reckon I should dress up as a dog, go to Paris and see if I get similar treatment. Hmmm.........

Elisa said...

Gaspard, Napolean, Marlé, Balzac, Chou Chou! Seriously? With names like that, they'd better be giving the poor dog the royal treatment, to make up for it a little bit. 'cause seriously, if dogs could get beaten up at the playground, these would.

Under the Influence said...

It sounds like the dog sitter has it pretty nice too, if he's taking the dog to the vacation homes!

La Mom said...

@ UTI-
The dogsitter does have it nice and I swear this is a true story!

My jaw was dragging on the floor when my nieghbor told me he sends Tache back to St Trop 1st class just for fresh air, "He ees not a ceety (city) dog."

Paris Atelier said...

WHere do I sign up for this lush life!?! Only in PAris could this happen! I agree with Sande you should write a book! I laugh so hard sometime when I read your posts, it's a pleasure to visit you everytime!

a H.I.T. said...

Sounds like some puppies I know in the Hamptons. You know it's a problem when a dog owns more Hermes than you do.

vicki archer said...

Tache is one cool mutt - he has got that family right where he wants! xv

mary said...

I'm not sure who has it better- the dog or the dogsitter...ask if they're hiring. Ahhh- but the dog gets the mani-pedi and the clothes - never mind. If anyone there gets wind of this you'll have to go into hiding ! (but we love it)

SuZ said...

My poor dogs live outdoors in holes they dig, get fed crap food and you know what, they love it!!


They wouldn't know what to do if they were treated like a frenchy poodle.


Dumbwit Tellher ♥ said...

Oddly enough I had a thought the other day that your blog should be written into a screen play. It would be a movie I would pay to see! Low & behold others think you should right a book. What's that tell you?!
I thought I had a "dog's life", hell...I don't even have that. Back to the prozac!!


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