Sunday, March 22, 2009

Maman du Jour – La Copine

I know what you’re thinking – why does La Mom hang out with all of these freak show expat mommies?

Well, let me tell you – if you want to “speek ze Eeenglish”, you don’t have a lot of choice. Imagine you’re on the Titanic and there’s only a few lifeboats left. All of a sudden you get a lot less picky about the company you keep when you’re drowning in Frenchness 24/7.

That’s why every mom needs La Copine, a real French friend. She’s the one who thinks your lame American cooking is exotic (“J’adore Old El Pas-O! Your fah-hee-TAS are sooo délicieux!”) and that your kids are adorable even when one of them smacks the other and starts a shriek-fest at your neighborhood café.

How come she’s so laid-back? La Copine actually thinks there’s life outside of France! She speaks English fluently – not to mention about 4 other languages. New food, music, friends – La Copine is always up for an adventure.

Sidebar: Kudos to you if you find a Copine – it’s pretty hard to get to know your average French femme. Parisiennes don’t have the American pack mentality. They don’t really do the split-a-bottle-of-wine-and-bitch-about-the-hubby thing. And they’d rather stick bamboo under their perfectly manicured fingernails than share their hairdresser’s phone number with a pal – her so-called friend might end up (gasp) looking better than she does!

La Copine

Natural habitat: Anywhere in Paris that has an exotic vibe.

Hangout: The Göethe Institut in the 16th arondissement – it’s so much fun to learn another language!

Uniform: Chic Comptoir des Cotonniers basics jazzed up with her own personal finds – elaborately beaded slippers from Morocco, a luminous scarf from Tanzania.

How to spot her: Lunching at the local Indian joints at Passage Brady or trying the special of the day at Laos Siam in the 20th arondissement.

Raison d’Etre: Travel – what’s the point of having 6 weeks of vacation a year if you don’t get out of L'Héxagone?

Profession: High-powered job in marketing or sales – but her motto is “work to live, not live to work”.

Pre-kids – backpacking across Thailand. Post-kids – Penguin-spotting at the Cape of Good Hope in South Africa.

Children’s names:

Boys – Mathis, Matteo, Romain
Girls – Chloé, Rose, Lise


Dumbwit Tellher ♥ said...

I desire a "La Copine" here in Texas! I feel alone no matter where we move. I am a West Coaster living in..well...I'll be kind & not elaborate. I'd share a great tip or a bottle of wine. Although not exactly the same, I feel your pain.

mary said...

You need about four La Copine! Then I won't worry about you like a mother hen.

Under the Influence said...

What, no pack mentality. I don't know what I would do. My friends are what keep me sane!

Anonymous said...

i wouldn't mind a friend like that. But I don't speak much french so she'd have to spanish.

and we wouldn't share a bottle of wine, it have to be sangria. i love the stuff.

A Gift Wrapped Life said...

We all need a La Copine...send some here to Canada please. Today?
They sound really fun.

Scandalous Housewife said...

1st, I SO need a pair of exotically beaded Morroccan shoes for my collection! La Mom, please advise! And 2nd, Romain? Like as in the lettuce?

Six Feet Under Blog said...

We all need some La Copine.

SuZ said...

Those are the best kinds of friends. :)

Anonymous said...

Wha? French women don't normally share a bottle of wine and bitch about their husbands? What do they talk about?!?

I just found you through and I already know I like you.

Finding Mexican-style food is a big deal (for me) in Chile. Chileans recoil from anything spicy and they don't cook with tortillas.

La Mom said...


The Moroccan slippers are divine -- but I only know where to get them in Marrakech!

Book yourself into La Mamounia for a souk shopping spree -- très, très classe.

About Romain, no, not like the lettuce -- it's the French version of Roman. I guess I've been here long enough that I don't associate it with salads anymore...

La Mom


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