Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Little Bo Peep Has Lost Her Sheep

Bo's sheep has been hanging out at La Mom's place. With Big Cheese actually.

The French do this really annoying thing when they speak. Not only do they suck in air at the same time they say "oui", they baaaa like sheep!

Questions cannot be answered without inserting a "baaaaa" at the beginning of the sentence. The American equivalent is probably an "Uhh."

Here are some examples overheard recently chez nous. See how annoying it is to be at the receiving end of a sheep baaaaa?

La Mom: Coffee, tea, or me?
Big Cheese: Baaaaa. Café.
La Mom: Wrong answer!

La Mom: St. Tropez or Corsica for summer vacation?
Big Cheese: Baaaaa. Neither. Too many nouveaux riches Russians in St. Trop' and too many Corsicans in Corsica.

La Mom: What did Daddy Sarkozy have to say about the economic stimulus plan?
Big Cheese: Baaaa. Not much. Work more to earn more.

La Mom: Did you see Carla Bruni on the cover of FHM almost naked?
Big Cheese: Baaaa. Leaving now to buy a copy!
La Mom: Baaaa. What?

La Mom: Champagne or wine?
Big Cheese: Baaaaa. Baaaa. Baaaa. Baaaa. Champagne.
La Mom: What took you so long to decide? You've been drinking the stuff since you were 6!

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Anonymous said...

That is hilarious! There are some lost sheep at our house, too. The worst is when your kids' French genes kick in and *they* start doing it, too!!!

Under the Influence said...

Baaaa...that would drive me nuts.

SuZ said...

Freakin' hilarious... I love you, seriously I love you. :) I love seeing your new posts in my Dashboard. I get all excited and click click click until you pop up.

I sound like a stalker, don't I?

Eck. :)

Scandalous Housewife said...

Our French friends in Tejas always say, "Say baaaaaah". I usually reply, "Say WTF?"

Monica said...

That is funny! When we were in Paris last year, our very British tour guide informed us of his YouTube video. He is dressed up as a French snail who makes a sound that is close to the Baaaa sound. You can search "Crazy French Snail on YouTube or use this link-
Hope you enjoy!

Ali said...

Too funny! You should put up your own video sometime!

Kasey said...

How funny!

Beth said...

So true!!! We learned how to "baaaa" in French class.

Monkey Girl said...

Is that like the same to like hearing my 16 yr. old, like say, 'like' 14 million times, like in the same sentence, like?


Anonymous said...

i think u must be some failed working girl or something, who's now just leeching on to your hubby in Paris.
It's evident from the way you write and your "preoccupations" in life.
sad upstart. at your age... stick to mothering and pls, don't let her grow up to be like you. :)

La Mom said...


If by "failed working girl" you mean prostitute -- honey, no one could afford me.

If you mean that I failed at a "real" job and had to have a man support me -- well, if you consider a bilingual international sales executive and start-up business owner who temporarily gave up the rat race to focus on her children to be a failure -- then yeah, I'm *definitely* a failure.

Have you ever considered that a blog might not be a 100% accurate portrait of a person?

But I love comments like yours -- it means I'm pushing people's buttons. Keep 'em coming!

La Mom

Under the Influence said...

La Mom, I'm always amused by those who want to slam on bloggers but don't have the balls to say who they are or link to their own blog sites, assuming they have the guts to have one.

I changed my site so that people have to log in - no anonymous comments allowed. Of course, that doesn't mean they can't make up an ID and I would expect they would, but at least they have to take the time to do it instead of just slamming and dodging.

Monkey Girl said...

Under tI,

I, too changed it so people couldn't leave anonymous comments, but just as I expected, my stalker just logged in as "Anonymous" on a bogus account and no links. I agree with La Mom, I know I'm pushing buttons, as soon as I started moderating the comments he slowing vanished.
I think they just enjoy seeing their blog bashing in print.

Anonymous said...

La Fabuleuse Mom, You ROCK!

Totally hilarious blog entry!

la_bonne_vie @ twitter

vicki archer said...

OMG I am killing myself laughing over this. In the south where I live it is more like a 'bayyy' before every sentence and the 'oui' rises at the end as in weeeee! xv

Anonymous said...

oh dear god.

yes, let you not mingle with the nouveaux riche... you are soooo old money.

I too found this blog hilarious. And I'm I fan.

Perhaps I missed the subtlety there. But if you are "riche" at all your blog EXPOUNDS on the "nouveau" part. and that is why I like it.


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