Monday, February 9, 2009

Homeless in Saint Barth's

Mommy Money Bags (MMB) is up to it again.

She's smoking carpet. 1970's shag carpet to be exact.

That's how the French say it, "Elle fume la moquette." It translates to smoking carpet, but it really means that dear little Mommy Money Bags needs a reality check. Quick!

Last week I was hanging out with the Wine Club ladies. We meet once a month to taste wine. Sometimes we go to restaurants, sometimes we have a private tasting in our apartments.

I've secretly nicknamed this gathering the Whine Club because that's what most of these moms do - whine and complain while sipping Château Petrus!

(Sidebar: Luckily I do have some good friends who come along and I've learned a lot about le vin, so these evenings aren't a total bust.)

MMB was the Whiner of Honor at last week's tasting. If you had been with us, here's what you would have overheard her whining about:

MMB: Christmas in St. Barth's was devastating. It was the last one in our house.

La Mom: Why?

MMB: With the economic crisis, Pierre's business isn't making money like it used to. Things have really slowed down. We've been forced to downsize our lifestyle. The house is for sale!

(Sidebar Also for sale with the house: the driver, golfcart, maid, au pair, cook, and gardener).

Chicago Mom: Are you kidding? What are you going to do?

(Chicago Mom then sends La Mom a text message to her phone that reads: She has 11 other vacation homes 2 choose from. Can't sympathize!)

MMB: I LOVE that house and CAN'T imagine not vacationing there anymore. My God, I'm gonna be homeless in St. Barth's!

(Insert a collective "Aaawww" from the other moms.)

Doesn't her plight just make you want to cry?

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Julia@SometimesLucid said...

Wow! Poor woman! I feel so horrible for her. The horror of having to stay in a 4 star hotel?!?! What a DUMB BEYATCH!

Under the Influence said...

You should have offered to buy it and then charge her RENT when she goes. Ha!

Evolving Mommy Catherine said...

Did you get the feeling that the other women actually felt sorry for her or were they just humoring her? It is amazing how some people live!!

Scandalous Housewife said...

I thought for sure the shag carpet comment was code for lesbian! LOL!

Kelli said...

Trop Triste! La Mom, I want to the toy poodle in your purse and attend these hilarious soirees with you! Oh, or I could just be an expat instead... yes, much easier indeed.

SuZ said...

Oh geez....

Is it sad that I don't have a clue where St Barth's is? I need a map! LoL.

Savvy Mode SG said...

isn't it just tragic. no, i have not heard of jaime mascaro but will sure look the brand up.

Fiona said...

HA! I am a new reader, I enjoy your blog!!

Elisa said...

Awwww, it's just heartbreaking. How did nobody bang her head with an empty bottle of le vin?

The Beaver said...

I think you need to read this one:

Ali said...

Poor thing! But maybe she's just missing the "gardener," hmmmmm.

La Mom said...

Hi Beaver - Thanks for the article. It's a fun read!


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