Friday, February 6, 2009

(Heart) Breaking News

The French news cracks me up. I mainly watch it to check out what outfit the glamorous female news anchors will be wearing. They always look like they’re squeezing in a bit of high-profile TV journalism before heading off to some swanky soirée. If you need your daily dose of décolleté, just turn on the evening news!

Here’s a roll call of some of my favorite femmes on TV:

Laurence Ferrari

At age 40, she just scored TV’s most coveted slot, presenting the weekly 8:00 news on TF1. Laurence may be cute, but she knows how to ask the hard-hitting questions. Just call her the French Katie Couric (minus the ageing cheerleader look).

Audrey Pulvar

I dig Audrey. At age 34, she’s the first black female anchor on a major channel (France 3). She’s got that perfect mix of approachable/sultry going on. Can you imagine an American wearing python for a promo headshot?

Béatrice Schönberg

I have a soft spot for Béatrice (France 2). She’s the first French celebrity I actually recognized – sitting next to me while getting a shampoo at my fab hairdresser’s. It’s kinda cool to check out Béa’s latest hairdo before she goes on camera.

And last but not least, the man who brought sexy to the evening news.


(As in Harry Roselmack, replacement anchor for TF1.)

‘Nuff said.

You can fill in for Laurence anytime, bébé.


Julia@SometimesLucid said...

He is HOT!

Under the Influence said...

Have you seen Katie Couric's new haircut. Oh my. What was she thinking?

H-A-R-R-Y is a H-O-T-T-I-E!

SuZ said...

For me, watching Katie Couric is like watching a train wreck. You. Just. Can't. Look. Away.

I watched her interview with Lil' Wayne and was cringing the whole time.

Monkey Girl said...

Obviously, I'd be watching the news everyday if HARRY was on the telly.
Hmmmmmmmmmm. Very nice.

Michelle said...

Yeah we don't have that good looking of anchormen/women in Denver.

Kelli said...

J'aime Laurence!! Il est trop beau!

Anonymous said...

Oo la la ... can you say, très délicieux?

Love your blogs! This is la_bonne_vie from Twitter.

Savvy Mode SG said...

he is easy on the eyes for sure. : ) i love tod's too but prada is more fun at times. yes, i have heard of repetto. they are super cute too!

Evolving Mommy Catherine said...

What you mean Charles Gibson from ABC is not hot!?! :) Those are some pretty hot anchors, Harry especially...I'm not sure I would be able to focus on the news if I were watching him.

Doré said...

We need some like them here... We have people with lisps and buck teeth!! The joys of living in the backwoods!! =)

Scandalous Housewife said...

Yumm, yummy! Scandy's wild about Harry!

Gabrielle - Francofile said...

Wow, you forget Melissa Theriau:

Every guy I know in France is crazy about her... and every girl I know wants to be her.

Love your blog by the way.

Sara said...

I mean, I'm already planning to take classes at the Alliance Francaise in DC come May. Now I see that Harry Roselmack is going to be that extra bit of motivation for me to really learn this language. Gorgeous does not even begin to scratch the surface of how to describe him.

La Mom said...

I should have known that my readers wouldn't care about the girls once I unveiled Harry!

La Mom

Sara said...

Which is why you rightly unveiled him at the end. Saving the best for last and all that jazz.

And, OK, the other women are quite beautiful. But, Harry? He's what I call "sigh worthy."

Airelle said...

You said nothing about the grand old lady of news: Claire Chazal on TF1. She has been voted many times the sexiest woman on air and her warderobe is pretty impressive.
By the way, we wouldn't call Audrey Poulvar Black, she is more like métisse, or chabine if you lived in the Antilles. It is nice and about time to see "different" faces, like Roselmack, Pulvar or Karine Lemarchand at France 5 in the French "very white" TV.


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