Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Coco(nut) Chanel Secrets

Oh la la! I have a secret and absolutely nobody to share it with.

Someone in the haute-couture food chain revealed it to me, but then told me not to share it with anybody. "Eet ees top seeecret!" Karl Lagerfeld himself may come after me for divulging it.

Next season's colors, to be revealed in a very short time on the Chanel runway, will be.........noir & blanc (black & white.)

Coconut, a woman I met who works for Chanel, acts like she's 1/2 Coco reincarnated and 1/2 nutty, revealed the secret a few weeks ago in a meeting (I'm finally getting around to sharing it now.)

(Note to Coconut: La Mom saw Chanel's store windows decorated in black & white two weeks ago while out shopping on the Rue Cambon. Apparently your petite secret isn't so secret if the store windows are sporting the colors before the runway is. I think you were just trying to look très important in front of me with your Chanel connections.)

"Everyone weel bee wearing eet. Eet ees discreet, sober, and très anti bling-bling."

(Sidebar: When will the French stop using "bling-bling" in their everyday vocabulary? They think eet ees so cool! Bling-bling made its way into the language 18 months ago in reference to Daddy Sarkozy's flashy lifestyle. Once I heard my mother-in-law use it (she's 75) -- I almost choked on my croissant! It's so 2004!)

Coconut moonlights as an artist's agent. I invited her to my place 3 weeks ago for a viewing of some art to hang in my salon. After revealing Chanel's state secret, Coconut then proceeded to redecorate my salon - in what else? Black and white!

So keep your eyes on the runway and fashion mags to see what colors we'll be wearing next season. You can also find great fashion updates at A Rendez Vous With Style. registered & protected


The Antiques Diva™ said...

I'm "SO IN" and I didn't even know it! Black & White was my color de jour well before Chanel started using it...

Hey wait, now that I think about it, when I lived in Paris I lived in the building where Karl Lagerfield use to have his "haute couture" garmets handsewn in the ground floor atelier. On a sidenote, I should mention that my husband loved how the models would change clothes in the courtyard with nary a concern of the passing neighbors. I, of course, did not feel threatened by this nudity given their flat little boy chests and my husband has always been a "boob man". Anyway, I digress...

I use to see Karl Lagerfield from time to time and my goal was always to get him to acknowledge me.

He didn't.

BUT - Perhaps it was all a ploy!

Karl saw the classic black & white combo I regularly wear ... and thought, "Hmmm... that chesty American chick is onto something... I'll slot that for circa 2009!?"

Thanks to you La Mom, I have my ego boost for the day! I like to think he stole the idea from me!!! Eat your heart out Karl! And, next time you see Coconut you should tell her... I did my entry way in our Dutch apartment in black & white 3 years ago ... "That's so 'the last country I lived in' look"! Ha!

Thanks for giving me my own little giggle today!

Under the Influence said...

Yahoo, I love black and white!

Scandalous Housewife said...

Black and white? Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz...
The French are so gangsta with their bling-bling, baby. Have you checked under Sarkozy's starched shirt? You KNOW he's sportin' a 3" thick rope chain with 'PIMP' dangling from it.

La Mom said...

@ Antiques Diva,
I never would have been able to live in such close proximity to Karl, Chanel models, and haute couture clothes on a daily basis without developing some serious body image issues. How did you do it?
That is so cool you lived next to the Chanel atelier!
What colors will Karl have us wearing in 2112? What colors will you decorate Berlin in?

SuZ said...

You mean I'm trendy???? I always wear black and white.

You know, it's about time I was considered trendy.


I'm actually the furthest thing from trendy, but you won't tell anyone? Will you? :p

Evolving Mommy Catherine said...

Awww, man and I was just getting my closet stocked full or colors. Oh, well I guess that gives me a reason to go shopping.

Kelli said...

Awesome post La Mom! Diva, hilarious comments and yes, black and white has been around for SO LONG! Not really anything new. If you are going to follow this trend, be sure to make it your own and/or modernize it a bit with a splash of some sort of color.
Merci La Mom de m'avoir mentione! Je suis tres flatte!
BTW ~ Do you know of a fashion magazine titled "Lulu"? I am trying to find it in the US but having a hard time.

Scandalous Housewife said...

I have a fun little challenge for you on my site, La Mom. Enjoy!

sonia sin gluten said...

Fantástico (!)

Ali said...

Good, another excuse to wear black! Love little black t's!

Fiona said...

I always new I was hip.... i think.

The Antiques Diva™ said...

La Mom - Body Image? Oh let's not talk about that as I am sooo having a fat day! Hmmm... 2012? Would it hurt my rep if I confessed to wearing a little plaid skirt purchased at C&A?!? I like to think I've got the Frugal Diva look going on today (and no body knows it but me - and well, all your readers now!).
Toma, aka The Antiques Diva

a H.I.T. said...

Phew! It seems my wardrobe has been channeling Coco for some time now with my black and white ensembles.

Anonymous said...

Black and white always has been in. Monochrome is the timeless classic that can't go wrong. Where have the french been?

REG said...

You need to understand why "bling" is so important to French culture. And why being flashy with "bling" is so gauche. One word, guillotine... look it up.


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