Monday, January 5, 2009

The Parisian Princess Post Holiday Diet Plan

Brigitte Bardot was beautiful back in the day. I wonder what her secret to staying thin was?

Well the Paris 75016 secret (that I'm about to share with you for free and cost 95 euros to obtain), as prescribed to moi and a few of my princess mommy friends, by our ultra hip nutritionist is quite simple. And it works - royally.

I originally used it eight months after Small Fry's birth as did a few other princesses I know. The baby fat melted away within three weeks. We were fitting into our J Brand jeans and loving our bodies (and derrières) again!

So if the diet works for getting rid of baby fat, it should work for getting rid of 2008 holiday season party fat!


-Cereal with soya milk OR
-2 slices of whole grain cereal bread toast
-1/2 ounce of butter
-2 ounces of goat cheese
(optional: 1 slice of ham + 1 egg) twice/week

-7 ounces of meat protein (beef, lamb, duck, veal, goose) OR
-1 fish or sea food dish
-1 small bowl of veggies
-1 small bowl of carbs: rice/pasta/lentils/potatoes
-1 goat or soya yogurt (I add wheat germ to mine for a vitamin boost)

If you wish to include a starter:
-1 small bowl of crudites OR
-bowl of vegetable soup (excluding potatoes)

-1 fruit
-2 small 70% dark chocolate squares

-Same menu as lunch (exclude the carbs and meat)
-bowl of vegetable soup
-1 Goat or Soya yogurt

Admit it, don't we all have a bit of princess in us? Who doesn't want to look royally fabulous like Brigitte Bardot and the hot Parisiennes walking the city streets? It's actually the women that make Paris so beautiful, not the landmarks. registered & protected


Under the Influence said...

I prefer to just believe that being thin is genetic. You're either thin or you're not. You can firm, tone, etc. but that's it. How's that for denial and having a great excuse to not diet?

I'm sure that pathetic theory is catching up to me, or at least catching up to and padding my ass. Therefore, I will be using the Wii Fit program for the toning and the firming. If that doesn't cut it, I will be trying something more drastic - like dieting!

La Mom said...

Dear Cancer Mommy, Elisa, and one more person who I can't remember...

I hit the REJECT button instead of the PUBLISH button for your lovely comments. Sorry and thans for being so quick to read and comment!

Love, La Mom

SuZ said...

Thin Smin....

Okay, I must admit I am jealous that the pounds melted away from you... the only thing melted around here is: chocolate!


Julia said...

That sounds way too easy! Does it really work?

Ali said...

This reminds me that I need to start back on the South Beach Diet this year--and the dreadmill:(

Scandalous Housewife said...

La Mom,
I don't know 'bout that. What about exercise? No?
And I didn't see anything about an occasional vat of chili con queso...LOL!

Francesca said...

what diet?haha.
the french eat like birds, that makes them slim.

Kelli said...

Thanks for sharing this. I just printed it out and will see what works! I will also keep it around for future use once I have birthed a bébé.
Ahhhhh, I miss the days of living in France... no need to workout, just walk around all day and eat whatever you want!
Boulangerie, here I come!


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