Friday, January 23, 2009

National Doody Day

It's raining, It's pouring
La Mom is imploring
Keep your dogs inside
Potty train them too
I'm sick of stepping in dog doo

With the power vested in moi by Daddy Sarkozy, I'm declaring today National Doody Day in France.

I think you already know why.

It's raining cats and dogs today. The nice little presents the French poodles have left all over the sidewalks are now melting in the rain. And spreading all over the sidewalks. And making it hard for me to navigate the stroller through the chocolate maze of horror.

In honor of National Doody Day, La Mom will begin issuing weekly Sidewalk Security Advisory Alerts (or you could just simply call 'em PA's: Poop Alerts).

You will find these alerts located on the right hand sidebar of the blog, in between "Other Magnifique Blogs" and "Je Tweet". I figure you don't need have this visual staring you in the face each time you log on to read. So you'll have to go find it if you're wondering if the poop alerts are SEVERE, HIGH, ELEVATED or LOW.

Ha! I can pretty much guarantee you the alerts will never be LOW except maybe in July and August when everyone leaves to go on vacation, therefore taking their furry friends with them!

PS- The PA visual is a certified original from the Mayor of Paris and was used in the latest "Clean Up Your Streets" ad campaign. registered & protected


Under the Influence said...

I will definitely let any traveling friends in on the alert as needed!

This is too funny. I hope you can get this position appointed to your local government...

Trisha said...

Gross! I recommend elevator shoes and antimicrobial coatings for your kids and strollers. Maybe a large hamster ball?

La Belette Rouge said...

As a new pet owner I can assure you that I am doing my best to make my neighborhood a doody free zone. And, by the time I take Lily to Paris I hope she has learned that is pas chic to eat poop( she is a puppy and thinks that poops are treats. Gross I know. Sorry, hope you weren't eating your breakfast as you read this).

So lovely to meet you. I am so glad you found my blog. Want to do a link exchange? I would love to have you on my blog roll and would be delighted to be on yours.

La Mom said...

Dear Belette,
I was actually snacking on a piece of chocolat while reading your comment. Almost choked on it after reading about Lily's eating habits. She must not be French otherwise she would know good cuisine :)
Would love to do a blog roll exchange! Merci!

Kelli said...

SO SORRY! I certainly do NOT miss this aspect of Paris AT ALL!
Bon weekend!
BTW ~ I'm adding you to my Fab Faves and would be delighted to be on your blogroll as well.

SuZ said...


Of course, I live on a horse farm and surrounded by poop. So I feel ya. I feel ya. :)

corine @ hidden in france said...

In my days they had the 'crotinettes' a mix between crotte (poop) and trotinettes (moped), with young med picking up our dogs poops with giant suction hoses practically before it hit the floor. I wonder if they still exist 20 years later?

Paris Atelier said...

Bonjour! I found you through Kelli. I am now a huge fan of yours! I could not stop laughing with every word I read :) I studied in Paris for three years and you've brought back so many great (and some not~so~great) memories! Thank you for such a breath of fresh air! You are so witty, I look forward to your future posts!
Thank you~

Kasey said...

Yuck, they don't mention that aspect of Paris in the travel brochures do they :)


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