Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Oh Ex-Girlfriend Where Art Thou? - Part 2

At Monoprix.

In the same elevator as moi, the French Fries, and my teenage nephew.

I keep running into George's ex French gal pal in my neighborhood. Yesterday, I was buying fromage for the French Fries and had to take the elevator down a floor to pick up toothpaste. As the door closes, someone starts franctically trying to push their shopping cart into the elevator with us.

Et voila! - it's Celine....with her boyfriend. He's dark and handsome, though not very tall. Not as hot as George is either. Maybe that's why she had such a pissy look on her face. It's gotta suck to be constantly reminded that you're the ex-girlfriend of a major Hollywood movie star who's on the cover of magazines, tabloid papers, and movie posters as you walk the streets of Paris.

Even when shopping at Monoprix she's reminded of it. All over the store, there are life size cardboard cut-outs of George with his sexy bedroom eyes seducing the female shoppers. It's as if he's saying to us, "Voulez-vous café avec moi ce soir?" as he advertises why we should all be drinking Nespresso coffee - what else?

(Sidebar message from La Mom to George: I'll "coffee" with you anytime cutie!)

Warning: La Mom is going to get catty here. Ex-GF is "good from far, but far from good" as we used to say in high school. I was able to get a close up view of Ex-GF and her skin is horrible. She's only 35 and she looks like she's smoked the beauty right out of her complexion! My nephew (who's only 14) said to me later that my skin was prettier and I looked a lot younger than Ex-GF. I told him he was my favorite nephew - even if he was kissing up to me a year in advance for a great Christmas present next year!


Kristy said...

LOL! That is funny...the catty part at the end I mean! She should have stayed with George..what a dummy!

SuZ said...

I'd be pissed if I lost George too!! :) Or maybe it's b/c once you've had George, you can never go back?


Blogging Under the Influence said...

That must be why George dumped her - bad skin. She should try the Oil Cleansing Method. :) And maybe that's why she's pissy, she looks older than she is.

Michelle said...

LOL! Good job nephew!

Scandalous Housewife said...

SH loves it when you're catty!

Alberto Bryant IV said...

I love the music that you've picked for your blog!


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