Thursday, December 11, 2008

Christmas for the Mistress

‘Twas the night before Christmas and all through Paris, men made their lists and checked them twice.

Cartier pour Carole…

Boucheron for Brigitte…

And last but not least, a little Van Cleef and Arpels for Valérie.

Yes, Christmas is usually when the Other Women make out like bandits.

But not this year.

According to an article in Point de Vue, the recession will penalize multi-millionaires – and in particular their mistresses.

A study recently done by a consulting firm in France (they don't say which one) states that 12% of those surveyed will end their affairs for financial reasons. And a whopping 82% of men envisage a reduction in their mistresses' expenses.

So maybe it wasn’t so much of a shocker to the salesperson at the ultra-chic Maison du Chocolat that I was planning on giving upscale candy bars to the mistresses for Christmas.

Wait, let me back up a minute. Last Saturday Big Cheese and I were running errands with the French Fries getting some gift shopping done. Since I didn’t pitch in for the Chloé bag for Big Fry’s teacher (see I’m (not) Dreaming of a Handbag Christmas) I needed a little something to show my appreciation. Hence, the stop by Maison du Chocolat.

As I was perusing the pricey assorted boxes and Big Cheese was wrangling the Fries, I asked the assistant if he could recommend a gift for a “maîtresse”. Well, that’s what Big Fry calls his teacher.

All I got was one raised eyebrow.

Les maîtresses de l’école,” Big Cheese added drily as I turned beet red. “I thought Madame was very, uh, open,” said Monsieur Maison du Chocolat.

Open, schmopen – in our house, there better not be anyone on the receiving end of luxury gifts but moi! registered & protected


KimandCo said...

Good job keeping that sales person on his toes! And thankfully your husband was there to "pardon your French".

Kristy said...

That is too funny! Even the mistresses are hurting year...that's hilarious!

Dana said...

I'm sure glad I read this post ALL the way through! I knew "they" were a little more free-spirited in Paris, but I didn't think they were THAT free! What a great laugh! LOL

Evolving Mommy Catherine said...

Oh those poor mistresses of millionare men, I'm pretty sure they will still get more than most women...but I feel for them, I really do. ;)

Julia said...

That's awesome! But the sales person should have known better - you can't give mistresses chocolate, they'll get fat :)

Edelweiza said...

haha...funny...oh, i love sure they're expensive in paris. :)

Doré said...

The poor poor mistresses! I feel so bad for them... GAG ME! lol

The Beaver said...

I am with Julia here :-)
Not about the weight problem but, for sure, he should have been "perspicace" enough to realize that it was for one of the kids' teacher . No matter what, you won't go shopping for "la poule" ( yeah French word that I learned last night watching TV5 wrt la maitresse de Monsieur) accompanied by the family :)

SuZ said...

he he he... too funny. Sounds like a mistake I would make. :)

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