Tuesday, December 2, 2008

An Afternoon with Dr. Hot

Another winter, another cough for Big Fry, another afternoon at the American Hospital in Paris.

The downside was the waiting room was full of moms and kids which meant our scheduled appointment was late. The upside was that I got to gaze at Dr. Hot - my fave pediatrician at the American Hospital, but sadly not Big Fry's pediatrician.

He was in and out of the waiting room at least 5 times yesterday. Each time he walked by my eyes were glued to him and now I realize what it is that I appreciate about him so much:

1/ His looks are all-American - strong, healthy, handsome
2/ He's got straight, clean teeth (French teeth can get a bit nasty with nicotine and caffeine stains)
3/ He smiles at people (the French don't)

When I saw Big Fry's doctor come out of his office I knew we were next. So I said, "C'mon Big Fry, were up next with Dr. Hot." I hadn't realized what I said until Dr. Hot, who was standing near the secretary's desk said to me, "Excuse me, do I know you?"

La Mom: Uhh, not really, we met at a CPR training recently.
Dr. Hot: That's nice. Have a good day.

Not that I was trying to, but I obviously hadn't made an impression on him at the CPR training. What Dr. Hot doesn't know is that he made a huge impression on moi and all the other moms who were at that training!


Kristy said...

So the French dont' smile much? Interesting...I can't wait to plan my trip to Paris...I've got to brush up on my French and host a fundraiser so I can go on a wicked shopping spree!

KimandCo said...

Hhhmm...maybe you should brush up on your "rescue breathing" to get his attention! :)

Scandalous Housewife said...

Oh, Mama! I've got a Pediatric dentist that is "Meow"! Last time I was in his office, my high school-aged son asked me why he was still going to a "kid's dentist", right in front of Dr. Meow!
Lesson learned: train your boy early!

Doré said...

I just love hot-ness... especially hot docs! My OB is pretty yummy looking... kinda awkward when I was drooling over him while he examined my cervix, but...

La Mom said...

Doré, I bet that was awkward!
Do you know your name means "golden" in French?

cancer mommy said...

I'm so impressed that you came up with a coherent something to say to him. I might have just been caught drooling and saying, "Uh... uh..."


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