Thursday, November 6, 2008

Who's Your Daddy?

Who's your daddy?

Mine is Nico, as in Sarko, as in Daddy (aka President Nicolas) Sarkozy.


Because he's helping fund the health care system in France.

It's great!

Last night I had to call SOS Doctors at 5am to come to our apartment because Big Fry was sick. This service is so convenient. In fact, I've called SOS Doctors to our place four times in the last three weeks in the middle of the night because one of the French Fries was sick. I've quickly become an SOS Doctors hussy!

The average price of a middle-of-the-night visit in the comfort of my own apartment costs about 60 euros (Wow, this IS starting to sound a bit promiscuous -- ssshhh... don't tell Big Cheese!).

Big Fry was diagnosed with an ear infection and today when I went to the pharmacy to get the prescription drugs...they were free!

I find most of the time when I have to fill a prescription for one of the French Fries it costs me very little or nothing at all.

Merci Daddy!

Hugs and Kisses (on each cheek - just like the French!)
Hope I'm not breaking protocol... registered & protected


Evolving Mommy Catherine said...

Wow! I am jealous, although it only costs us $25 to go to the Doc, but I don't even want to say how much we pay monthly just to have health coverage. Ugh, being an adult really has its downsides!

Stacey Crew said...

Gosh, I love the idea of home delivery...on ANYTHING! and just like evolving mommy catherine, you certainly don't want to know what I pay each month. Wow! Perhaps that will change with the change in our leader.


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