Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Some Days You're the Dog, Some Days You're the Hydrant

Well, in this case, you're the pooper scooper, if not actually the hydrant.

Yes, it looks like the mayor's "Clean Up the Crap" ad campaign (see post: Clean Up the Crap from September) isn't working très bien. In fact, the city has recently put these nifty signs up in my neighborhood which read "I love my neighborhood, I scoop."

Yeah right, like these signs are going to make Parisians scoop up the poop?!

Oh wait, if you read closely, you'll see that dog owners are threatened with a 457 EURO fine (that's about $600). Maybe the city thinks the fine will scare everyone into poop scooping?

Guess again.

I calculated that the city of Paris could have made at least 2285 EUROS from the five dogs who pooped next to the lamp post in front of my building this morning between 8am and 8:40am. That's 57 euros/minute! Too bad the mayor of Paris doesn't have the smarts to send the Poop Police to my block. If you think about it, they could make at least 6855 EUROS per day if the Poop Police patrolled after breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Hey wait, I may be onto something here...this blog pays nothing! It would be much more financially beneficial to pretend to be a city employee (or the police) and fine these offenders myself!

Some days you're La Mom, some days you're the Poop Police!


ali said...

Imagine if got paid for picking up poop instead of fined for not picking up poop! I'd say the line for pooper scooper applicants would be very long!

Kristy said...

That is absolutely hilarious...I would police those streets myself to make a buck or two...LOL!

Evolving Mommy Catherine said...

I am with you, I pretend enforce for much less that $600 (if I couldn't get introuble of course). This stay at home mom gig doesn't provide a lot of spending pays well in hugs and kisses but alas no cash.

Helene said...

I actually can't get over the sign of the stick figure picking up the poop as the dog looks like its trying to pull the owner along. That's a pretty hefty fine for not scooping poop!!!

Doré said...

That is so funny! I say Go For It! lol...
Only thing I'm wondering is if you would be forced to pick it up after taking their money for not picking it up!


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