Monday, October 27, 2008

She Got Two Teef

Thank goodness Big Fry knows who he speaks English or French with otherwise Thursday afternoon could have been very embarrassing for moi!

We arrived at Big Fry's school and as we were waiting for the gates to open I struck up a conversation with the grandmotherly looking nanny of one of the boys. Big Fry starts staring at her face and then asks me loudly, "Mommy, why the lady got two teef (teeth)? She got two teef (teeth) like Small Fry."

Assuming the lady spoke only French, I broke out into a cold sweat anyway hoping she didn't understand what my son just said. Whew! Gotta be careful because you just never know who speaks English in this town. A lot of people do when you think they don't. For example...

A few days before Big Fry started his new Catholic school, I was there to buy him an art smock. One woman was trying to sell smocks to at least 50 parents. It was one big clusterf***.
(Sidebar: I love this word! It makes me feel so much lighter after I use it. In fact, if you ask me what word describes this stage in my life I'd have to say that word does. I can't go to the potty without the French Fries following me like they are missing a party in there and I can't take a shower without them peeping in on me either).

So I muttered under my breath, "What a clusterf***" (I know, I know, La MOM should go straight to the naughty corner for using this naughty word in a Catholic school). The dad next to me said, "Oh, so you're American too."

How embarrassing! I learned my lesson though.


Ali said...

Too funny!

Kristy said...

LOL! That's great! What a funny word!


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