Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Like La Mom's New Blog Banner?

It's so much better than the old one I was using.

Merci beaucoup to my BFF in Hometown, USA for designing La Mom's cool new blog banner! She gave my blog a new look & feel and I'm touched she helped me with this.
By the way, if you are ever in need of an event planner or custom made invites/announcements/etc, drop me an email at Lamom.paris@gmail.com and I'll give you her contact details. She does great work!


ali said...

Love it! Do you know where she found the 'photograph' clip art? I love tinkering around with banners:)

La Mom said...

Sorry ali, I don't know but I'll check with her. I had a boyfriend make coffee for me once with a heart of foam like that on top - it's so cute.


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