Wednesday, October 1, 2008


What's a Phlebologist you say? It's a doctor who specializes in veins and their diseases. Basically, a Vein Repair Man. I just call mine Dr. Vein.

Dr. Vein has become my new best friend since my hairstylist, manicurist, massage therapist, life coach, facialist, and personal trainer. I see her more than I see Big Cheese at the moment. Dr. Vein is my saviour and saved my legs from looking like walking spider webs on the beaches of Saint Tropez this past summer.

What does she do? Well she spends a great deal of time inspecting my legs for red, purple and blue spider veins as a result of my pregnancies. She shoots the veins full of a saline solution and then traces over them with a laser pen in order to make them shrink up and eventually disappear all together. In short, she’ll make my legs look 18 again!

In fact, having a phlebologist seems to be every mom’s dirty little secret here. When you see the gorgeous supermodel mom strutting up the main alley at the Park Monceau like it’s her own personal runway and you ask her how in the world her 36 year-old legs look so beautiful after having 3 kids, and she replies, “Sweetie, it must be all the walking I do around Paris that keeps them in shape!” Well, you know, she’s lying. She’s got the phlebologist’s number on speed dial in her Vertu diamond-encrusted cell phone tucked far way into her Chanel purse. And she’s not going to share it with you! It’s only when you start visiting your phlebologist on a regular basis (like me) and run into several moms from your playgroup and the park that you realize everyone’s doing it, but they just don’t want you to know they’re doing it.


Anonymous said...

I didn't even know my spider veins could be taken care of. Merci for opening my eyes to this La Mom!

Drama queens mum said...

Hi. I just found your blog on the Mom bloggers site. I had some vein work done years ago. The saline shot into my leg. I never went back cause it hurt so much. But it was years ago, so maybe it's not as painful now? If that can be possible.

Kristy said...

LOL! that's funny that most women don't want you to know...if my legs ever get like that...I'm sure I'll have one on speed dial well as my Plastic surgeon...oh wait...he is already on speed dial...LOL!


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