Thursday, October 30, 2008

La Fashion Victime

This Mommy Profile was inspired by my mommy neighbor, the Logo Lolita.
Maman du Jour: La Fashion Victime
Natural habitat: American mom living in London, but gave up her 6-bedroom Mayfair digs to follow her banker husband running from the recession. Refers to self as “economic refugee”.
Hangouts: Starbucks, La Durée, and outdated Parisian hot spots from her junior year abroad.
Uniform: Blinged-out designer billboard. Handbag by Prada, sunglasses by Gucci, jeans by Dolce & Gabbana, ballerina flats by Chanel, T-shirt by Dior and underwear by La Perla. Pretension by fear of looking like an American soccer mom.
How to spot her: Besides the ginormous diamond solitaire ring and studs, necklace and tennis bracelet, she's got buttery blond hair, a personal-trainer toned bod, and at least 4 prominent designer logos visible at any given time. Oh, and don't forget the diamond encrusted Bulgari watch for Monday, Cartier Ballon Bleu for Tuesday,  Dior for Wednesday, diamond encrusted Rolex for Thursday. Rotate.
Raison dEtre: See and be seen.
Profession: Trophy wife.
Vacations: Palm Beach (a swank second home complete with year-round staff), and whatever hotspot is de riguer for keeping up with Monsieur et Madame Dupont (Capri, South Africa, Croatia...).

Children’s names: Boys – Philip Bowden Walker V (nickname: Trey), William, Alexander; Girls– Lulu, Eleanor, Isabel registered & protected

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