Saturday, September 20, 2008

Snowsuits in September

Why are the French so deathly afraid of catching a cold? What is so evil about a "courant d'air" that makes them bundle up their babies in snowsuits in the middle of September?

Yesterday, as I was doing a bit of window licking (lèche vitrine) on the Rue de Passy, I spied no less than 5 babies in snowsuits being pushed down the street IN THE HOT SUN. Mornings are a bit chillier lately, but yesterday was absolutely gorgeous and hot. I think the French believe that once the calendar turns from August to September, even if the weather is still summery, it's time to pull out the wool and snowsuits just because it's not July or August anymore.

To that end, I went to pickup a sweater at my dry-cleaners with Small Fry sleeping in her stroller. As I was paying, the dry-cleaner came out from behind her register to pull out Small Fry's jacket from the stroller bag and cover her with it because, as she put it, "Elle doit avoir froid aujourd'hui " (translation: She must be cold today). Of course, none of this was done quitely or gently and Small Fry was awakened from her nap. All because the dry-cleaner thought she must be cold on a hot day in September. Oh la la!

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