Tuesday, September 23, 2008

PILB = Papas I'd Like to Baise

I just noticed how many cute dads there are at Big Fry's posh school. I love the fact that the Papas drop their kiddies off at school. It gives me a reason to get dressed in my designer duds and put makeup on in the morning. All this just for the school run.

Inspired by the English acronym MILF, but putting a French twist on it, I think I may start calling these hot dads, "PILBs" - or - "Papas I'd Like to Baise."
(translation: baise = f***)

Please note: I really don't want to "baise" the dads because I love my Big Cheese dearly.


mooselovingmamabear aka: Gail, Mom and other things said...

Hi from the States...

Was on Mommy blogs and came across yours'. Thanks for sharing life across the water... :-)

Anonymous said...

La Mom,
your readers should know... there are scholarships specifically for mothers like there never used to be. Now there are many. For instance ever since President Obama got elected president there seems to be more fiancial aid for women and especially mothers it seems. There are mom scholarships available and grants too for moms. Hurray! it's about time. Moms need this type of financial help because they were raising children and had no time to make & save money to go back toschool. I hope to see much more come out.


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