Friday, September 26, 2008

Mommy Profiling - The American

I love Fridays because we have a playgroup date every week. This gives La MOM a chance to:

  • Bitch with the other expat moms about kids, the French, Paris, our husbands, whatever
  • Stuff her face with fabulous French pastries (my fave: croissants!)
  • Let her kids run around and mess up someone else's apartment

Fridays also give me an opportunity to study the new crop of moms who have arrived in Paris and joined our little playgroup. This is always an entertaining mix of Americans, Brits, Aussies, Kiwis, Irish, Canadians, & South Africans. The moms who always seem to have the most to say about Paris vs. home and complain about the differences instead of embracing them for their short little expat stays of 1-3 years are...the Americans mommies.

Which brings me to the next Mommy Profile du jour:

  • Natural habitat: Almost anywhere in Paris - until she discovers that there are backyards to be had in the Western suburbs. Clusters tend to form around English-speaking international schools, sometimes referredto as « The American Ghettos »
  • Hangouts: Starbucks, the Park Monceau, EAB, Galeries Lafayette (gotta love the 10% discount for foreign passport holders
  • Uniform : Faded jeans, running shoes, The North Face polar vests in cotton candy pink, styled hair and full make-up complete the look.
  • How to spot her: Her open smile with perfectly capped & whitened teeth, fluorescent orange Bugaboo stroller, and gargantuan diamond solitaire are dead giveaways.
  • Raison d´Etre : Get Frenchified. She´s only in Paris for a couple of years, so why not soak up the culture?
  • Profession: Trailing spouse. Gave up job as ad executive/IT consultant/HR director after first baby.
  • Vacations: Europe´s capital cities - gotta pack in all the sights while she´s here!
  • Children´s names : Boys - Cade, Ethan, Jacob. Girls - Madison, Kaitlyn, Emma
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