Saturday, September 20, 2008

La Mom's Got Her Groove Back

Last night, I had a date night with my best friend and we ended up where our friendship began years ago as single working expats - in the Latin Quarter. We ate dinner at one of our old haunts and tallied up how things have changed over the years. What a difference a decade makes:

  • the pearl studs have been replaced by big diamond ones
  • the pleather purses have been replaced by designer bags
  • we wear real jewlery instead of plastic Monoprix Balla Boosté crap
  • our Swatches have been replaced by luxury French watches
  • the metro has been replaced by Range Rovers (just what you need in Paris!)
  • we have walk-in closets that are the size of our single-girl apartments
  • we have household "staff"
  • we have country homes now, but back then we thought St. Germain-en-Laye was the countryside
  • we have larger bank accounts
  • we are home owners instead of renting with roomates
  • we have French husbands
  • WE ARE MOMS....

    Which brings me to the next set of differences a decade makes. With 35 year old post-baby bodies:

  • we have spare tires that all the sit-ups in the world cannot seem to fix
  • we have droopy boobies (or no boobies at all in my case)
  • we have to color our gray hair every 3 weeks
  • we have spider veins covering our legs thanks to pregnancies and hormones
  • we have fine lines around our eyes
  • our complexions no longer have "éclat" thanks to many sleepless nights from the kiddies

The list goes on an on.

The bright point of the evening was getting picked up on by two men as we walked down the Rue de Seine in the 6th. Good clothes camouflage bad things and these men were clueless.

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